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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sensual Massage for males/female therapist for males

in the past we have had female therapists work from our studio, some have stayed a long while others had a brief stay.

Many males do prefer a female to massage them - and there are some women who would prefer to see a female practitioner.

I have a trusted friend who is very knowledgeable and very skilled in massage, and has training in Tantra, she is one of the few ethical practitioners that I would recommend.

If you are seeking sensual massage by female or even purely therapeutic massage by a female then feel free to call Melinda 0760369499

She will be able to assist you

Melinda and I have known each other for a long time - we find the best possible solution for each client and recommend they either see Melinda or myself

Melinda does have a larger studio in Linden and she also has a number of female therapists working with her

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Full House massage? Happy endings?

Often we get these requests from gents - seeking either "Full House" services or "Happy Ending" massage.

We do have a new female practitioner (Blyss) who will offer very sensual healing work, as well as focus on your energy shifts. She sees herself as a sacred sex therapist offering more than what is usually offered in other venues. She sees herself  as having a past life where she worked in ancient temples offering inspiration through sensual healing work, where she would guide men into Worship through sacred sex practices.

Yes there is a fine line between escorts offering "hand jobs" to bring relief or create the sense of a happy ending and what will be offered by Blyss. Blyss will care for your spiritual and physical needs dealing with the body mind and spirit, working with your energies and breathing techniques to create a deeper senses of awareness and more intense orgasms.

Blyss will be available certain weekdays from 10am till 5pm

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sensual or erotic massage for males?

Sometimes there is a fine line between sensual healing work and erotic massage. For some when we do deeper Tantric healing and energy work, awakening the libido and possibly Lingam massage - it might seem like erotic massage.

I think the difference between the two occurs when a Tantra practitioner focuses on mind body spirit to enhance energy flow and awareness to create that sense of Sensual Healing Massage. A healing session like this can take 90min or more, it is done with respect, with spiritual integrity and honoring. Yet with erotic massage, the masseuse will usually offer a quick back rub, a tummy tickle and then her focus is purely to assist the male in having an orgasm. These sessions take approximately 20-30min and cater purely to the sexual primal needs of the client.

Sometimes it might be necessary for a regular client to experience not just sacred sensual healing but to allow himself to feel his primal nature and urges as part of of his healing journey.

We currently have Skye who offers sacred sensual healing and energy work to our male clients, so also works with female clients who wish to experience similar therapy. Her approach is to honor the client as a spiritual and sexual being, to enhance their energy flow and awareness through touch and energy shifts and a slow sensual massage experience.

Soon we will have Blyss join us to offer different massage techniques, and services, to cater for those whose needs are more primal and thus desire to experience a somewhat more erotic massage.

Blyss is also a Pro sub and is prepared to offer these services to help teach others understand the nuances of submission within the realm of sensual massage. We will be able to provide sessions for 2 or more males at once with Blyss. 

Blyss will only be available certain weekdays from 9am till approx 4pm

Please note that we do work by appointment

Also all calls are answered and screened by Don who will then put you in touch with either Skye or Blyss

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tantra and embracing Touch - Energy - Breath

Soon we will be hosting workshops again focusing on the Essence Of Tantra.

It is important to connect to basics, to understand the core and essence of what we trying to achieve through wellness and understanding of our inner being to bring about balance through mind body and spirit.

In our work we are very aware that we are spiritual beings, we are also sexual beings and energetic beings. These components work together hand in hand to bring balance and to give us deeper awareness of who we are and what we are. The only do we begin to feel more and understand more.

One area that has been acutely missing in our live is touch - the ability to hug another the ability to actually feel sensation when a beloved touches our skin or holds our hand - to feel that energetic connection and embrace it without guilt or fear.

In or Politically Correct world  we have become oversensitive to many things - you cannot even compliment a fellow staff member on a new outfit - it is considered sexual harassment - where are the days of chivalry and being able to appreciate another and offer genuine compliments - it has nothing to do with sexual advances. You have to be acutely aware how you address another or speak to them - always keeping your distance. When last did you see a parent hug their child and say "you did well at school I am proud of you" - it has become rare because parents now fear they will be reported for inappropriate behaviour with a child - the world has gone mad. We are seeing a huge disconnect in families and with friends as electronic social media invades our lives and controls it. We are constantly exposed, constantly "chatting" or "communicating", but we are unable to do it face to face.

It is time to reconnect!

It is time to feel your energy!

It is time to breathe with others in a safe space, a place where you can share energy, where you can meditate. And where you can embrace feelings and sensations as you move or dance together where you can actually hold hands without being judged.

Our workshops are going to focus on energy, touch and breathing. Respecting another person, being able to be close to them. We will offer this as clothing optional workshop, we might push boundaries with Lingam and Yoni meditation, we will be made aware that our bodies are sacred, yet we are free to sense energy shifts, then sense of touch.

We provide a safe  sacred space where we can explore the ethical teachings of Tantra and how it can be a blessing to heal us of some elements of the modern world that invades and pollutes us. Not all is bad from the world we live in, we just need to take control and use what is good even if it means reducing time spent with social media.

We are going to teach that TANTRA IS BEYOND SEX it is a sweet aroma to the senses, it is delicate and it stirs and awakens gently, and it inspires us so we begin to live again.

TANTRA - Beyond Sex

Blessings to all who read these posts 

For some time now a few friends and I have been discussing Tantra, different healing modalities, and what is been taught and practiced right now.

What we have seen and observed over the last few years, is that a trend has developed with certain Tantra practitioners to focus purely on the sexual aspect - with no thought nor attention given to energy healing, breathing techniques, inner awareness. For them it is about the genitals and orgasm!

This work is sacred, our beloved clients are sacred and some are very fragile due to circumstances in their lives - we have no right to take advantage of that.

We have seen some unethical practitioners who host workshops yet claim the workshop and teaching has evolved through their own research and is uniquely theirs..... yet..... it was plagiarized from other teachers and books.

We have heard of healers saying that the only means to healing is to pre-book at least 6 sessions (at an exorbitant cost) and then after last session the client will be "magically" healed. Not even a medical doctor will make such absurd claims and demand you come back at least 5 or 6 times to be healed. Each one of us receives healing differently and at different speed, each one of us interprets healing differently and embraces it in our OWN TIME! Healing is a personal journey.

We have seen possible future practitioners attend an introductory talks on Tantra and now, overnight they claim to be a "Dakini". A similar trend developed a few years back where Introductory Talks were offered on Reiki and immediately after Reiki talk attendees where then attuned to become Reiki Masters - this title was given even though these attendees had done now practical work had no experience at all.

How amazing it would be if some students attended an Introductory Talk to medical science so they could become doctors!

Even escorts are now claiming to do Tantric Massage, and it is nothing more than a basic back rub, tummy tickle and then bring the client to orgasm by any means - hand or oral! And to add further insult on our beloved teachings - a "full body massage" with them takes 20 to 30minutes

This hurts the practice of Tantra. This undermines the core values and principles of Tantra

We need a governing body that recognises ethical practitioners and lists them thus offering a guide to others who seek genuine help and healing.

What has happened?
Are people so driven by greed and ego they lost the plot and lost the essence?
Is orgasm the only thing they have to offer those who seek help?


There needs to be a core group of ethical Tantra practitioners who monitor each other who are accountable to each other. People who heal with conscience, unconditional love, high morals, empathy, patience and understanding. 

We need to embrace the essence of true Tantric healing - focusing on the inner being, the energies, the acceptance and only then explore the sensual and sexual energies.

Only then does our sexuality make more sense, becomes more intense, more sweeter. 
Only then do we understand and we heal from within. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Female therapists and sensual massage for gents

For a long time I have had one female therapist offering sensual massage for gents from our studio. I have had another assist me when couples come through to receive massage.

I have been considering expanding what we offer. My current female therapist does wonderful sensual healing massage and hot stone therapy, as well as Lingam Massage. But she is only available late afternoons and evenings during the week, and is also available on weekends.

I will have another female therapist join soon to offer massage during weekdays only. This will also be sensual healing massage and Lingam massage for gents.

Even though we do work by appointment, sometimes there is a break in our schedule and we can possibly accommodate another client between other sessions. 

So please call first to ensure there is availability - and please note that I will answer the phone and discuss our work or transfer you to the female therapist

If for some reason we cannot assist you due to being fully booked I will refer you to a good friend of mine who offers similar healing work and massage in Linden - she has been trained in Tantra as well and offers a wonderful caring therapy session

Be blessed
082 961 5454
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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tantric Sensual Healing for women

many women desire to experience Tantric healing massage but seem unsure or afraid to step forward into this unique journey of awakening and transformation.

Sadly some male practitioners have used this as an opportunity to misrepresent Tantra and its teachings and therefore misled many females 

Tantra is a wonderful philosophy and source of teaching for spiritual growth, it offers many wonderful guidelines for our lives and creates a deeper sense of awareness from within

What we have seen over a number of years are practitioners who offer nothing - no teaching - no guidance - just a basic massage or "feather touches" then they focus on the Yoni and orgasm

Sadly this is not the way - this is not the path to healing and understanding

What is actually accomplished by this - very little - and the female who has encountered this leaves feeling empty 

What we try to offer is some form of teaching and guidelines to help you create your own new awareness of your inner being - to help you understand energies and breathing technique. We take time to talk to get to know you and understand you and allow you safe space to share your fears or or your joys, to allow you time to ask questions so you have clarity with regards to Tantra and the essence it provides for your life journey

Only then do we begin the physical healing process and during that process there is guidance and teaching with regards to breathing techniques - your chakras and energy shifts. So you feel and understand more what is happening in the body mind and spirit - you feel as you open up to all of this and embrace it. 

We never expect you to be nude for your sessions, there are reasons for this - some might feel shy or conservative - some might have been hurt, insulted or abused in the past and therefore we need to be sensitive to each individual and their needs. There are some who are comfortable being nude and that is fine - we work according to each individual and tailor our work to each individual

Each session is unique. We never demand that client return for a number of sessions nor do we expect payment up front for a set of sessions. Some might just need one session and they need to go home and think and absorb what they experienced - they need time to rest in this and when they are ready they will come back for another session. Others see the need to have a session once a month yet others are comfortable having healing once every  three months

Each individual reacts differently to healing - each has their own energetic level - each has their own perception and understanding - each has their own needs and therefore it is up to the individual to return in their own time for their session which is tailored to suit their needs and comfort levels. 

I cannot and will not prescribe a set of session and claim then they will be healed after that number of session. Not even a doctor or physician will make claims like that 

The massage in itself is very thorough and detailed, working with the back first and offering a deep detailed Hot Stone Massage (yes we do massage with the Basalt Stones and never just place them on your back) - during this process we awaken you to Chakras, their importance to the body and how to use breathing techniques to restore energies

Only then do we work with the legs

Once all this is completed do we begin with the front of the body, ensuring that the client is comfortable and at ease, her breathing is calm. The the work with legs begins, we do massage the inner and upper thigh and into groin for lymph drainage, and from there we massage the belly and chest, arms and hands. We return to the bell and work close to the Yoni - shifting energy gently awakening a deeper awareness. We might place our hand over the Yoni and other hand on heart chakra, but this is done with permission. Some women might be ready to receive Yoni massage others need time to rest in this. 

The purpose of Tantric healing is not superficial genital stimulation nor creating a sense of needing orgasm - it is deeper than that. It is about respecting mind body spirit, guiding someone with unconditional love, no judgement, just pure intent so they might receive the healing they desire and sense the respect and dignity offered to them. 

It does not matter what age, or body shape you have - it is the spirit that is inside you that is revered and honored

Once the session has finished and the client steps out of the studio - that is not the end of the process but stepping out is the beginning of a new journey of awareness and wholeness

And we wait for their return to experience more in their own time

Sensual Massage for men

Many gents seek a genuine healing sensual massage and some prefer to have a basic massage with "happy ending".

There are many workers who offer the "happy ending". What this entails is a basic back rub, tummy tickle and then the gent is brought to orgasm through manual stimulation by a female. These sessions usually take about 20 or 25minutes.

What we offer is a genuine sensual healing massage which can restore libido and awaken the senses to touch and arousal. These massages are detailed and thorough, we work with the whole body and integrate the body from head to toe and back to head again. Our massages take at least 90minutes to complete.

What can you expect?
The female therapist will guide you into a relaxed state by teaching you to breathe correctly and to focus on your senses.She will offer a detailed back massage and detailed Hot Stone Massage afterward.

From there she will then work with the feet, calves and thighs.

Only after the back work is completed will she then work with the front of the body, starting with the feet, calves and thighs. This will include working on the inner thigh and into groin for lymph drainage. Yes she does offer a detailed massage and she does work with the belly and close to the genital area. This does not mean you get the basic "manual manipulation" or "wank you off" to achieve a "happy ending", she works with dignity and respect, honoring the body and spirit, and if Lingam Massage is offered it is done with total reverence and respect as she guides you with breathing and awareness. The work is sensual in nature and it is natural for a gent to have an erection and we are quite comfortable with that.

This sensual healing work is about what you receive and how your body reacts or feels during the process. 

We do have certain rules and guidelines that must be respected. Therefore the gent will not receive sex nor penetrate the therapist. Nor do we allow the gent to try and undress the therapist, nor is he allowed to touch her in an inappropriate manner. He does not receive any oral stimulation nor is any form of sexual advances or sexual touching allowed.

We respect the integrity of Tantra and we honor its teaching and its core values - we are here to honor and respect those whom we come into contact with    

Should you be interested in making an appointment please feel free to call Don and he will then make arrangements for you to have a session with Skye or will give you her number so you can chat direct with her

Be blessed
082 961 5454

Couples Sensual Massage

Many couples enjoy having their massage together, and many of those couples enjoy having sensual massage.

Now we have to discern between sensual massage and sexual massage. There are many people out there who offer what can be defined as sexual massage. What the couple might experience during this process is a basic back rub, if they lucky their legs might receive the same treatment, then whoever is offering this service will do a belly rub and after that just bring clients to orgasm.

With Tantric sensual healing massages we focus on each individual and their needs, from restoring energies to teaching them to breathe correctly and assist them in understanding how the body receives pleasure and how it awakens to the renewed sexual energies.

We begin with a detailed back massage and during this process we guide the couple to breathe correctly and therefore assist them into deeper relaxation. We do work with the Chakras and we explain the meaning of the Chakras and their importance. 

Then we offer Hot Stone Massage - this is done in such a way that you are actually massages with Hot Stones - we DO NOT just place the stones on your back and leave the room. Actual massage with stones is offered. Then while the stones rest on your back (after massaging) we do detailed work on the feet, calves and thighs. We also massage the inner thigh

When working with the front of the body one must never just accept partial work on legs or accept that the belly is left out of this process. With genuine massage the therapist offers a detailed thorough massage and integrates the body from head to toe and back up again - and massage MUST include the belly.

When we work with the front we begin with feet and calves, we do detailed work on the upper and inner thigh and into groin for lymph drainage. The belly is massaged as well as chest arms and hands.

We do not demand that a client be nude for massage, if a client is shy or conservative we assure them that underwear may be worn and also a towel is placed over their hips if they require that. Some clients are more free with their body and comfortable being nude for massage.

Either way, is fine for us - we work according to the client's needs and their comfort levels

The manner in which the massage is offered is sensual and our teaching with breathing techniques helps shift sexual energy. It also creates deeper awareness within of sensuality and sexuality and opens up the client to be more receptive to touch and possibly arousal by their partner. This process can also intensify orgasm.

Our treatments are never rushed and you can expect to spend at least 90 minutes for your massage experience

Be blessed

Monday, December 11, 2017

Sensual Massage by female therapist

over the last few weeks I have been teaching and training a new female Tantra Practitioner to assist me with couples seeking this wonderful healing work. She will also be offering her services to our male clients

If you wish to speak direct with her and discuss an appointment, and the service she provides, then feel free to call:
076 4244 905

She will be available weeknights, as well as Sundays from the Shakti Gardens studio

We do not have card facilities and therefore cash is appreciated

Be blessed
082 961 5454

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sensual Massage and Tantra healing for males

we often get calls from males to experience Sensual Massage or Tantric massage - and they would prefer a female therapist.

I work mainly with females and I can refer gents to a wonderful friend of mine who works with integrity and compassion - she offers the most delightful sensual healing and Tantric work and is based in Linden (Johannesburg)

If you wish you can call her direct
Melinda - 0760369499

Be blessed

Monday, May 29, 2017

Adventure into Bodywork and Healing

We are pleased to announce that Candace Beth Michael (from Cape Town) will be working with us for a few days while she is in Johannesburg.

Candace works intuitively with the body mind and spirit - she believes the the mind is reflected in the body, that cellular processes are affected by unconscious material held there and by what we feel

Her bodywork combines Polynesian and Shamanic processes, along with structural integration and fascia release techniques, this combination addresses the emotional as well as the physiological elements and components.

Candace was trained in Hawaii, Thailand, India, UK, Zanzibar and South Africa over a period of 9 years in massage and bodywork styles - as well as Yoga, meditation and breathwork

For an appointment she can be contacted :

071 345 2453

071 345 2453

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Exploration Tour of India - Varanasi & Khujaraho

Our tour is really unique because we have found that more people are looking for holistic and experiential holiday experiences.  We offer a truly authentic tour which is led by a gentleman who has his PHD in Archaeology and Philosophy.  Dr. Singh also teaches Tantra in the USA.  We invite you and your clients to join us on this once in a lifetime journey, kindly use the code SG108 when booking.

Please note that all fares and rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice due to airfare increases or currency fluctuations. The Travel Architect (in association with SWG Group ) acts only as an agent between the Passenger and the Supplier. We also cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, accident, delay or inconvenience caused by the supplier. Fares quoted are only valid on the day and are guaranteed once full payment received. Please check spelling of your name and surname before we issue documents, as the airlines and tour operators charge a heavy penalty to reissue an air ticket or travel document due to incorrect spelling of names.
Please ensure that your passports are valid for a minimum of 6 months after your return date  and that you are in possession of the correct travel documents and the necessary visas

Displaying 25 Mar - 07 Apr Tour flyer-page-001.jpg

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sensual Massage for Males

Shakti Gardens website was primarily created to honor women, and to offer healing to women. 

We have over the years also offered the same quality service to male clients. There has been some confusion regarding our services, some are under the impression that what we offer is only for females.

I would like to clarify our services

I have over the years focused mainly of the healing aspect of females, and I do have some male clients. I have found that a large number of men do prefer a female therapist to do healing massage or sensual massage.

For many years Shekina has worked closely with me, offering her unique approach to Tantra and healing.

More recently we have been able to negotiate with two other wonderful female therapists who cater mainly for male clients.

Brenda was trained at a local Tantra school, and is possibly one of the most gifted Dakinis in Johannesburg. She offers a unique blend of sensual massage and Tantric teachings. A session with Brenda will incorporate teaching, counselling, energy work as well as physical massage. Brenda assists me with couples, and she also attends to individual male and female clients. She works from my studio in Roosevelt Park or from Parkhurst 

Melinda runs her own studio and I often refer male clients to her. She offers a wonderful sensual massage, with some Tantric elements incorporated into her work. If she is busy she does have other female therapists at her premises who could attend to male clients. Her studio is very close to Emmerentia Dam 

We do work by appointment.

I usually answer phone calls and screen them to see who will be best suited for your needs.
Please note if you hear a male answering the phone dont just put down, you might be missing out on and exquisite healing session - I take the calls to deal with the booking process and often refer you to the female therapist that is best suited to you

Be blessed
082 961 5454

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tantric Touch and Massage

valentine 2015 extended.jpg

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tantric Touch massage

valentine 2015-shg.jpg

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are you a Goddess

Are you a goddess?
..."goddess" [when used to describe a mortal woman]. 
No goddess-like woman (hereinafter referred to as goddess) is perfect, nor can every goddess demonstrate all of these qualities all of the time. But a goddess demonstrates most of these qualities most of the time:

A goddess invents her own life, and lives according to her own vision. This quality requires the companion qualities of imagination and courage.
A goddess is autonomous. She seeks no ones approval, but listens to her own counsel. She answers to no one. She does not try to impress anyone. Her work speaks for itself. She never makes excuses and rarely offers explanations for her actions. She is not defensive for she is not threatened by what other people may think of her. She is the queen of her own life and this is reflected in her demeanor.
A goddess is passionate (not to be confused with manic). She has a palpable energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and beneficial to those around her. In esoteric terms, she raises the vibration in a group situation. She inspires others.

A goddess is continually learning and evolving.
A goddess is authentic. The mask she presents to the outside world is the same as her innermost heart. She has learned to express her emotions cleanly and healthily. What you see is what you get. A goddess knows her own truth. She does not impose her truth on others, but will share her wisdom when invited to.
A goddess takes care of herself. She does not expect others to take care of her. She treats herself as well as she would treat her best friend. She is compassionate and forgiving with herself and others. She gets enough rest and gives her body the right fuel -- both in oxygen and in food and water. She knows what she needs. She feeds her soul.
A goddess is committed to healing the earth and works towards peace and understanding -- whether it is on a large scale or simply within her family and closest circle of friends. She contributes to cleaning up the environment and teaches the next generation to do likewise.
A goddess sees her body (and the earth) as sacred, and is in tune with natural cycles. She is comfortable with her sexuality.
A goddess has learned balance and patience. Flow and ebb. Waxing and waning. A goddess does not freak out during ebb or waning times. She uses it wisely for rest, reflection, and planning.
A goddess has learned to trust her intuition and inner knowing. She has learned to tap into this source at will.
A goddess has learned to let go of the need to control the flow of the river. She has discovered the futility of trying too hard. She has learned to ride the wave and go with the flow, to ask for and accept help when required. She is flexible, fluid, and adaptable. She has given up the need to control or manipulate. She does not pout or whine when she does not get her way.
A goddess communicates her boundaries. She is gentle but firm when her boundaries are violated. She respects others' boundaries. She asks for clarification when necessary.
A goddess recognizes and honors other goddesses and gods. She lends her support to the work of other god/desses. She does not feel competitive or threatened by other goddesses and understands that what is good for one is good for all, and that when one shines, the light benefits all. A goddess knows how to share and is generous of spirit, but she knows her limitations and does not give more than what she can afford -- emotionally, financially, physically, or energy-wise.
A goddess's natural state is one of joy and gratitude. She is also at home with her shadow, and will honestly mourn her losses and explore her fears. She understands that everyone experiences pain -- it is part of life on earth. Therefore she works through her own pain with courage and dignity, not trying to sidestep it, or numb it, but to get through it and learn from it.
A goddess is comfortable with death, and has learned to let go.... of relationships, concepts, and material possessions that are worn out, or that no longer serve her growth.
— Genie Webster

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sacred Intimacy

Sexual union imitates divine creation. 
Deepak Chopra

When we have restored the sexual experience to the realm of the sacred, our world will be chaste and divine, holy and healed. 
Deepak Chopra

Freedom in Tantra

Tantra is a powerful and passionate spiritual path that brings ultimate freedom. The term freedom has also been misconstrued so let me digress a minute. In many circles, freedom has been synonymous with irresponsibility (turn on, tune in, and drop out), and giving yourself license to do whatever you want regardless of the consequences. Here when we say freedom we are talking about liberation from the inner enemies: ego, fear, contraction, anger, guilt, envy, shame, jealousy, infatuation and everything that deprives you of the joy and happiness that is your birthright.
Chandi Devi


When gazing into the eyes of your beloved. You are always looking into the eyes of God. View it as a practice for making love with the entire universe. Sexual passion connects you to the joy of heaven, earth and realms beyond. You'll be illuminated. Trust the many incarnations of Bliss. Once you get a glimpse of them, there is no turning back. 
Judith Orloff


You come to us
from another world

From beyond the stars
and void of space.
Transcendent, Pure,
Of unimaginable beauty,
Bringing with you
the essence of love

You transform all
who are touched by you.
Mundane concerns,
troubles, and sorrows
dissolve in your presence,
Bringing joy
to ruler and ruled
To peasant and king

You bewilder us
with your grace.
All evils
transform into

You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love
in earth and sky
in heart and soul
of every being.

Through your love
existence and nonexistence merge.
All opposites unite.
All that is profane
becomes sacred again.