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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sensual Massage for Males

Shakti Gardens website was primarily created to honor women, and to offer healing to women. 

We have over the years also offered the same quality service to male clients. There has been some confusion regarding our services, some are under the impression that what we offer is only for females.

I would like to clarify our services

I have over the years focused mainly of the healing aspect of females, and I do have some male clients. I have found that a large number of men do prefer a female therapist to do healing massage or sensual massage.

For many years Shekina has worked closely with me, offering her unique approach to Tantra and healing.

More recently we have been able to negotiate with two other wonderful female therapists who cater mainly for male clients.

Brenda was trained at a local Tantra school, and is possibly one of the most gifted Dakinis in Johannesburg. She offers a unique blend of sensual massage and Tantric teachings. A session with Brenda will incorporate teaching, counselling, energy work as well as physical massage. Brenda assists me with couples, and she also attends to individual male and female clients. She works from my studio in Roosevelt Park or from Parkhurst 

Melinda runs her own studio and I often refer male clients to her. She offers a wonderful sensual massage, with some Tantric elements incorporated into her work. If she is busy she does have other female therapists at her premises who could attend to male clients. Her studio is very close to Emmerentia Dam 

We do work by appointment.

I usually answer phone calls and screen them to see who will be best suited for your needs.
Please note if you hear a male answering the phone dont just put down, you might be missing out on and exquisite healing session - I take the calls to deal with the booking process and often refer you to the female therapist that is best suited to you

Be blessed
082 961 5454