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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

TANTRA - Beyond Sex

Blessings to all who read these posts 

For some time now a few friends and I have been discussing Tantra, different healing modalities, and what is been taught and practiced right now.

What we have seen and observed over the last few years, is that a trend has developed with certain Tantra practitioners to focus purely on the sexual aspect - with no thought nor attention given to energy healing, breathing techniques, inner awareness. For them it is about the genitals and orgasm!

This work is sacred, our beloved clients are sacred and some are very fragile due to circumstances in their lives - we have no right to take advantage of that.

We have seen some unethical practitioners who host workshops yet claim the workshop and teaching has evolved through their own research and is uniquely theirs..... yet..... it was plagiarized from other teachers and books.

We have heard of healers saying that the only means to healing is to pre-book at least 6 sessions (at an exorbitant cost) and then after last session the client will be "magically" healed. Not even a medical doctor will make such absurd claims and demand you come back at least 5 or 6 times to be healed. Each one of us receives healing differently and at different speed, each one of us interprets healing differently and embraces it in our OWN TIME! Healing is a personal journey.

We have seen possible future practitioners attend an introductory talks on Tantra and now, overnight they claim to be a "Dakini". A similar trend developed a few years back where Introductory Talks were offered on Reiki and immediately after Reiki talk attendees where then attuned to become Reiki Masters - this title was given even though these attendees had done now practical work had no experience at all.

How amazing it would be if some students attended an Introductory Talk to medical science so they could become doctors!

Even escorts are now claiming to do Tantric Massage, and it is nothing more than a basic back rub, tummy tickle and then bring the client to orgasm by any means - hand or oral! And to add further insult on our beloved teachings - a "full body massage" with them takes 20 to 30minutes

This hurts the practice of Tantra. This undermines the core values and principles of Tantra

We need a governing body that recognises ethical practitioners and lists them thus offering a guide to others who seek genuine help and healing.

What has happened?
Are people so driven by greed and ego they lost the plot and lost the essence?
Is orgasm the only thing they have to offer those who seek help?


There needs to be a core group of ethical Tantra practitioners who monitor each other who are accountable to each other. People who heal with conscience, unconditional love, high morals, empathy, patience and understanding. 

We need to embrace the essence of true Tantric healing - focusing on the inner being, the energies, the acceptance and only then explore the sensual and sexual energies.

Only then does our sexuality make more sense, becomes more intense, more sweeter. 
Only then do we understand and we heal from within.