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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sensual Massage for men

Many gents seek a genuine healing sensual massage and some prefer to have a basic massage with "happy ending".

There are many workers who offer the "happy ending". What this entails is a basic back rub, tummy tickle and then the gent is brought to orgasm through manual stimulation by a female. These sessions usually take about 20 or 25minutes.

What we offer is a genuine sensual healing massage which can restore libido and awaken the senses to touch and arousal. These massages are detailed and thorough, we work with the whole body and integrate the body from head to toe and back to head again. Our massages take at least 90minutes to complete.

What can you expect?
The female therapist will guide you into a relaxed state by teaching you to breathe correctly and to focus on your senses.She will offer a detailed back massage and detailed Hot Stone Massage afterward.

From there she will then work with the feet, calves and thighs.

Only after the back work is completed will she then work with the front of the body, starting with the feet, calves and thighs. This will include working on the inner thigh and into groin for lymph drainage. Yes she does offer a detailed massage and she does work with the belly and close to the genital area. This does not mean you get the basic "manual manipulation" or "wank you off" to achieve a "happy ending", she works with dignity and respect, honoring the body and spirit, and if Lingam Massage is offered it is done with total reverence and respect as she guides you with breathing and awareness. The work is sensual in nature and it is natural for a gent to have an erection and we are quite comfortable with that.

This sensual healing work is about what you receive and how your body reacts or feels during the process. 

We do have certain rules and guidelines that must be respected. Therefore the gent will not receive sex nor penetrate the therapist. Nor do we allow the gent to try and undress the therapist, nor is he allowed to touch her in an inappropriate manner. He does not receive any oral stimulation nor is any form of sexual advances or sexual touching allowed.

We respect the integrity of Tantra and we honor its teaching and its core values - we are here to honor and respect those whom we come into contact with    

Should you be interested in making an appointment please feel free to call Don and he will then make arrangements for you to have a session with Skye or will give you her number so you can chat direct with her

Be blessed
082 961 5454