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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tantra and embracing Touch - Energy - Breath

Soon we will be hosting workshops again focusing on the Essence Of Tantra.

It is important to connect to basics, to understand the core and essence of what we trying to achieve through wellness and understanding of our inner being to bring about balance through mind body and spirit.

In our work we are very aware that we are spiritual beings, we are also sexual beings and energetic beings. These components work together hand in hand to bring balance and to give us deeper awareness of who we are and what we are. The only do we begin to feel more and understand more.

One area that has been acutely missing in our live is touch - the ability to hug another the ability to actually feel sensation when a beloved touches our skin or holds our hand - to feel that energetic connection and embrace it without guilt or fear.

In or Politically Correct world  we have become oversensitive to many things - you cannot even compliment a fellow staff member on a new outfit - it is considered sexual harassment - where are the days of chivalry and being able to appreciate another and offer genuine compliments - it has nothing to do with sexual advances. You have to be acutely aware how you address another or speak to them - always keeping your distance. When last did you see a parent hug their child and say "you did well at school I am proud of you" - it has become rare because parents now fear they will be reported for inappropriate behaviour with a child - the world has gone mad. We are seeing a huge disconnect in families and with friends as electronic social media invades our lives and controls it. We are constantly exposed, constantly "chatting" or "communicating", but we are unable to do it face to face.

It is time to reconnect!

It is time to feel your energy!

It is time to breathe with others in a safe space, a place where you can share energy, where you can meditate. And where you can embrace feelings and sensations as you move or dance together where you can actually hold hands without being judged.

Our workshops are going to focus on energy, touch and breathing. Respecting another person, being able to be close to them. We will offer this as clothing optional workshop, we might push boundaries with Lingam and Yoni meditation, we will be made aware that our bodies are sacred, yet we are free to sense energy shifts, then sense of touch.

We provide a safe  sacred space where we can explore the ethical teachings of Tantra and how it can be a blessing to heal us of some elements of the modern world that invades and pollutes us. Not all is bad from the world we live in, we just need to take control and use what is good even if it means reducing time spent with social media.

We are going to teach that TANTRA IS BEYOND SEX it is a sweet aroma to the senses, it is delicate and it stirs and awakens gently, and it inspires us so we begin to live again.