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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tantric Sensual Healing for women

many women desire to experience Tantric healing massage but seem unsure or afraid to step forward into this unique journey of awakening and transformation.

Sadly some male practitioners have used this as an opportunity to misrepresent Tantra and its teachings and therefore misled many females 

Tantra is a wonderful philosophy and source of teaching for spiritual growth, it offers many wonderful guidelines for our lives and creates a deeper sense of awareness from within

What we have seen over a number of years are practitioners who offer nothing - no teaching - no guidance - just a basic massage or "feather touches" then they focus on the Yoni and orgasm

Sadly this is not the way - this is not the path to healing and understanding

What is actually accomplished by this - very little - and the female who has encountered this leaves feeling empty 

What we try to offer is some form of teaching and guidelines to help you create your own new awareness of your inner being - to help you understand energies and breathing technique. We take time to talk to get to know you and understand you and allow you safe space to share your fears or or your joys, to allow you time to ask questions so you have clarity with regards to Tantra and the essence it provides for your life journey

Only then do we begin the physical healing process and during that process there is guidance and teaching with regards to breathing techniques - your chakras and energy shifts. So you feel and understand more what is happening in the body mind and spirit - you feel as you open up to all of this and embrace it. 

We never expect you to be nude for your sessions, there are reasons for this - some might feel shy or conservative - some might have been hurt, insulted or abused in the past and therefore we need to be sensitive to each individual and their needs. There are some who are comfortable being nude and that is fine - we work according to each individual and tailor our work to each individual

Each session is unique. We never demand that client return for a number of sessions nor do we expect payment up front for a set of sessions. Some might just need one session and they need to go home and think and absorb what they experienced - they need time to rest in this and when they are ready they will come back for another session. Others see the need to have a session once a month yet others are comfortable having healing once every  three months

Each individual reacts differently to healing - each has their own energetic level - each has their own perception and understanding - each has their own needs and therefore it is up to the individual to return in their own time for their session which is tailored to suit their needs and comfort levels. 

I cannot and will not prescribe a set of session and claim then they will be healed after that number of session. Not even a doctor or physician will make claims like that 

The massage in itself is very thorough and detailed, working with the back first and offering a deep detailed Hot Stone Massage (yes we do massage with the Basalt Stones and never just place them on your back) - during this process we awaken you to Chakras, their importance to the body and how to use breathing techniques to restore energies

Only then do we work with the legs

Once all this is completed do we begin with the front of the body, ensuring that the client is comfortable and at ease, her breathing is calm. The the work with legs begins, we do massage the inner and upper thigh and into groin for lymph drainage, and from there we massage the belly and chest, arms and hands. We return to the bell and work close to the Yoni - shifting energy gently awakening a deeper awareness. We might place our hand over the Yoni and other hand on heart chakra, but this is done with permission. Some women might be ready to receive Yoni massage others need time to rest in this. 

The purpose of Tantric healing is not superficial genital stimulation nor creating a sense of needing orgasm - it is deeper than that. It is about respecting mind body spirit, guiding someone with unconditional love, no judgement, just pure intent so they might receive the healing they desire and sense the respect and dignity offered to them. 

It does not matter what age, or body shape you have - it is the spirit that is inside you that is revered and honored

Once the session has finished and the client steps out of the studio - that is not the end of the process but stepping out is the beginning of a new journey of awareness and wholeness

And we wait for their return to experience more in their own time