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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sensual or erotic massage for males?

Sometimes there is a fine line between sensual healing work and erotic massage. For some when we do deeper Tantric healing and energy work, awakening the libido and possibly Lingam massage - it might seem like erotic massage.

I think the difference between the two occurs when a Tantra practitioner focuses on mind body spirit to enhance energy flow and awareness to create that sense of Sensual Healing Massage. A healing session like this can take 90min or more, it is done with respect, with spiritual integrity and honoring. Yet with erotic massage, the masseuse will usually offer a quick back rub, a tummy tickle and then her focus is purely to assist the male in having an orgasm. These sessions take approximately 20-30min and cater purely to the sexual primal needs of the client.

Sometimes it might be necessary for a regular client to experience not just sacred sensual healing but to allow himself to feel his primal nature and urges as part of of his healing journey.

We currently have Skye who offers sacred sensual healing and energy work to our male clients, so also works with female clients who wish to experience similar therapy. Her approach is to honor the client as a spiritual and sexual being, to enhance their energy flow and awareness through touch and energy shifts and a slow sensual massage experience.

Soon we will have Blyss join us to offer different massage techniques, and services, to cater for those whose needs are more primal and thus desire to experience a somewhat more erotic massage.

Blyss is also a Pro sub and is prepared to offer these services to help teach others understand the nuances of submission within the realm of sensual massage. We will be able to provide sessions for 2 or more males at once with Blyss. 

Blyss will only be available certain weekdays from 9am till approx 4pm

Please note that we do work by appointment

Also all calls are answered and screened by Don who will then put you in touch with either Skye or Blyss