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shaktigardens is a venue in Johannesburg South Africa with events and therapies to honour and encourage the Goddess in all women.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Season's Change


Well we have had had a fascinating year, it has not been easy, yes we encountered difficulties as well as blessings.

It has been a year of changes, and a year of purging. Sadly some of the changes have been difficult, and lead to purging of certain projects and dissolving partnerships.

But with all that said, I see all of it as preparation for a different walk on this journey as we enter 2014. This coming year will see a different direction in what we offer and what we will encounter.

"Within the miraculous brew of universal creativity , all you desire already exists. Spend five minutes each morning with your eyes closed, living in that dimension. Allow images to unfold without censor. Feel yourself living the most magnificent life -- a life of joy, creativity and love -- as you grow inwardly into the person you need to be in order to manifest it effortlessly."
Marianne Williamson